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Life is a Series of Beautiful Stages

25 Apr


I had an epiphany the other day. It was a Sunday night at around midnight, I had a beer in hand, no work the next day and was reflecting on the recent days before when stress was getting the better of me. Stressed about where I was and where I thought I should be.

But Sunday, this Sunday, I had spent it in the present, doing nothing related to all the work that needed to be done. Smiling at what currently is.

In this moment, I realized that life is done in stages.

There is a stage for childhood a stage for your teenage years, a stage for adulthood. And in each of these stages I looked forward to the next stage, without enjoying the joys of this current stage.

For example, when I was 10 I couldn’t wait until I was a teenager, when I was a teenager I couldn’t wait to drive, when I was in high school I couldn’t wait to be in University, when I was in University I couldn’t wait to get a job, you can see where this is going.

But in each of these stages there are such beautiful things to be grateful for.

When I was 10 I could play in the forest until it got dark, making pretend scenarios of trolls and goblins. Then I came home and enjoyed fabulous meals prepared by my mom.

When I was a teenager I got to explore the realms of what it meant to be me, trying out different character traits to see what fit.

When I learned to drive I spent late nights jumping in puddles on a rainy day, sharing music that soothed the soul, or talking till the wee hours of the morning about love, fear, and desire.

When I was in University there was so much to discover, so many countries to travel, anything was possible. Like detectives my friends and I investigated the riddles life presented before us, debated thoughts from essay we were exploring, and comforted each other in relationships we were trying to figure out.

It is true, I don’t have a house, a career, a loving husband, but what I do have is what I need in this stage of life.

I am grateful to be able to take naps on a random weekday, and take time off to visit my family in Tacoma.

I am grateful for the time to teach yoga on Mondays, and go out on a Thursday night to the Art Gallery of Ontario.

I am grateful to have the time to learn what I need to be healthy, happy, and present.

I am grateful to know 5 different ways to make a sandwich, and 10 different ways to make pasta.

I am grateful for the opportunity to live with three outstanding women.

I have faith, determination, and patience, that what I am working towards will come to fruition, but in the mean time, wow, this is a beautiful life.


What things will we miss if we keep on thinking of what we don’t have, what we want, what is currently not in our stage?

What are you grateful to have in your current stage in life?

How will you appreciate the present?

How will you cultivate patience, simplicity, and presence so you can connect with abundance?


8 Tips to More Energy

25 Apr

photo 1

How can I have a more positive energy?

Here are a couple of my ideas.

1. Exercise at least three times a week.

This is so important in so many ways. If this is the only thing I commit myself to: my sleep, my mood, and my thoughts will improve.

2. Journal at night time.

Recording Highs/Lows/Lessons and will help me digest my thoughts for the day, helping me become aware about my thoughts and emotions.

3. Treat yourself Day.

I am going to give myself a day once a month to focus on questions I need to ask myself, things that I want to explore, a recovery day. A day where I wake up in the morning, do yoga, go to a coffee shop, think, explore write. If I don’t schedule out this time for myself, I feel drained, as if I am doing all these things for other people and not giving myself the time I need to recharge.

4. Go for the Healthy Option.

You are what you eat, food is the fuel of your life! I am becoming more aware of what I am eating. I always thought I was a healthy eater because I knew what was healthy, without putting action what I know. Recently I have been on auto drive, eating things that were convenient rather than what would be the healthiest choice. I still will allow myself comfort food every now and again, but I like to imagine, “What will I feel like after I eat this?” It tends to help encourage me to go for the healthy choice rather than instant gratification.

5. Set up a good morning routine.

It does suck to wake up early, but I feel so proud when I started my day off well, and I am the first one at work. If I wake up now or 30 minutes from now, I will still be tired. But if I wake up now, I have time to do meditation and yoga stretches which will start my day off on a good foundation.

6. Getting enough sleep.

This is a crazy idea, getting to bed on time. But sleep affects so much of a person’s life. Inadequate sleep can affect mood, metabolism, immune system, and energy levels. If I want to live the best life, I need to take care of my body. Yes, there are some days when I will go to bed at 1 or 2 am, but let’s try to make those the exceptions.

7. Let go of negative thoughts.

It isn’t surprising how much our thoughts affect our mood, relations with others, and energy levels. I expanded in another post about tips how curbing the negativity.

Meditation is a great way to improve supportive and compassionate thoughts. There are many different ways to meditate. Find out which way works for you!

Another way to improve positive thoughts is to focus on gratitude. At nighttime I have a gratitude journal that I write down five things I was thankful for during the day.

8. Connecting with Presence: 

I am currently working on trying to enjoy the first bite, the first drink, the first breath, the first hello — giving myself presence, and gratitude for what currently is, and what will be. Jack Cornfield wrote an inspiring and eye opening book called A Path with Heart. 

“When we let go of our battles and open our heart to things as they are, then we come to rest in the present moment. This is the beginning and the end of spiritual practice. Only in this moment can we discover that which is timeless. Only here can we find the love that we seek. Love in the past is simply memory, and love in the future is fantasy. Only in the reality of the present can we love, can we awaken, can we find peace and understanding and connection with ourselves and the world.” 

Having a good life isn’t easy, but it sure beats the alternative!

Now go cultivate some positive energy like a curious and adventurous carrot farmer!