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Great Things are to Come.

6 Sep


October 2006

It is hard to think that I have changed. That I am a different person than when I was little, that the years have passed me and now I am here. It seems like I’m so busy getting to the next level that I don’t stop to think what level I am at right now. My life is just an extension of itself. There are great things for me to do, written in the stars and I forget that.

I forgot until yesterday what my destination is meant to be. I need to claim that destiny, this life is my own, I control who I am and what I do and I love myself.

I love life and I do what I want to do.

No fear.

In my dream I went up to some flowers and with in one step of them, they all bloomed in my face, openly and brightly, they embraced me, I just needed to find them.