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Great Things are to Come.

6 Sep


October 2006

It is hard to think that I have changed. That I am a different person than when I was little, that the years have passed me and now I am here. It seems like I’m so busy getting to the next level that I don’t stop to think what level I am at right now. My life is just an extension of itself. There are great things for me to do, written in the stars and I forget that.

I forgot until yesterday what my destination is meant to be. I need to claim that destiny, this life is my own, I control who I am and what I do and I love myself.

I love life and I do what I want to do.

No fear.

In my dream I went up to some flowers and with in one step of them, they all bloomed in my face, openly and brightly, they embraced me, I just needed to find them.


Birthday Card to my Niece

31 Jul


Yesterday I wrote a happy birthday card to my almost 2 year old niece.


It is so interesting to think that she is just starting out her life.


All the experiences I have had of playing soccer at recess, learning about how to colour, having a best friend, dressing up, being an outcast in Junior High, studying for exams in high school, applying for university, creating myself in university.


All of these experiences she has just begun to experience.


I think about how my Grandpa’s family moved from Germany to Canada so that he could have a better life. And my Grandpa was working hard in Saskatoon so that they would not have to work on the farm and could get an education in the city. I thought about how my mother was the first one to go to university and how hard she worked so that I could have a better life.


And here I am applying for a Masters, living in Toronto, and enjoying my life.


I can feel all these foundations before me, supporting me so that I can have the best life possible.


And I too want to become wise, and solve certain mysteries of success so that I can pass that on to my child.


I hope my child will be open to learning and I hope that I will have the words to share to create the difference.

With Eyes Squinted

11 Jul


July 2006

I recently discovered an answer to a question that baffled me for quite some time.

Now this is not a scientific conclusion,  but rather a moment of enlightenment. I always wondered why sharks ate their babies. Was it because they were accidentally made without the gene that allows compassion or a more simple answer, they were really hungry. Although after reasoning, neither of these are correct.

The reason why sharks eat their babies does not stem from hate but rather from love. Love that their babies will learn how to survive against a force greater than themselves.

It is a big ocean out there and sharks have to endure a lot to become the great and powerful animals that they are. Difficult obstacles are not hard so that a person will fail- difficult obstacles are there to make a person stronger.

As travelers, as people, we all encounter hardships, however, during these struggles remember that life is hard in order for you to become.

I wonder if when the vivacious shark comes thrashing towards the new born if it takes a second, squints, and thinks “bring it.”