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6 Sep


(notice in the photo.. this was a time when all of us did not have cell phones and had to scavenger hunt for a pay phone.)

October 2006

Peace become a hum in me

Liberate, spread, cool, calm, stillness


But in this rush

We all are hushed


What is the time?

I need to make a dime


What are we working for?

We are money making bores


Hour after hour, day after day

Thought pulling me outward

Sky, tree, green, air

Money pulling me inward


Life is not fair

Nor will it ever be


We must fight to be free

Language controls our being

Be a threat to societies thinking


What you own ends up owning you


Consume or be consumed?

No, I’ll consume the consumer


Overwhelmed with thought

When will this stop?


Create in any way you can

Whatever it is, there will be fans


In these moments there is joy

Don’t forget to enjoy.