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A Dream about Focusing on What Matters.

30 Aug


October 10, 2006

I had a dream that I was climbing a tree and all these bugs were biting me so I couldn’t climb higher. I thought I had to get all of the bugs off me. But then I realized that it doesn’t matter about those bugs, I can still climb higher into the tree, I only have to ignore the bugs.

This dream made me realize that I believe there are things I have to take care of before I can become who I want to be. All these people I have to get approval from, all these tasks I have to do, when in reality, I can ignore them and live as I want to live.  I could become irritated by the bites, scratch them but this will only make the situation worse. I need to be conscious of where I focus my energy. I need to realize my anchors and my sails.