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Love and Be Loved

11 May


Thoughts Inspired from reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.

You can only be loved so much as you love yourself. And you can only love yourself so much as you have explored the darkness and light that is within.

By allowing ourselves to be seen in our beautiful imperfections- the humanness of it all.

We allow others to do the same.

Realizing that we don’t need to be loved by everyone, nor do we need to love everyone.

Feeling the freedom to acknowledge you are proud of who you are, and want to be loved for this growing and evolving person — not for an imagine one portrays in order to gain the false acceptance and love of another which will inevitably leave us feeling empty and misunderstood.

Explore, accept, evolve, connect, laugh, find freedom. Find freedom. Shine bright.

What Qualities are needed to be Fully Embraced

30 Jul

Screen shot 2014-07-29 at 8.17.49 PM

What qualities are needed to be fully embraced
Without ego
Without control
Without desire for approval


I want to embrace you, everything of you, the pearls, the eels.
And I –
I want to be embraced

By the wind, the earth, by the fire, by my soul, by you, by what is real
Not because I need, but because I am
I am love
We are love
It is our highest nature

Sometimes I find myself trying to prove myself to you
Trying to change you for me
As if becoming this more perfect self will make you deserve my love more
Or that if I become a more perfect self
I will deserve love.

When did I make being perfect necessary for giving and receiving love?

Let go
Let go
Let Love

L’Arche Compassion

8 Jul


April 2008

It is amazing how someone with no words can touch more people than I will ever know.

Sometimes people might ask why do we work so hard to keep someone disabled alive. I read an article once that said because the disable do not help to the production of things, do not produce anything valuable for the improvement of society that there is no reason for them to exist.

However, I do not believe this person ever spent a valuable amount of time with a disabled person, because if he did, he would realize that the amount of people a disabled person touches and therefore changing this person, produces so much more than any corporations, institution or university could produce.

We work so hard to keep them alive because like a servant to a king, they have many important things to do, many important people to change, many important lessons to teach, that without them the kingdom of L’Arche would not exist. The Arch would not be complete and many people would not be here.

Someone asked me once what is L’Arche and I said, if I could encompass the explanation of L’Arche in one sentence I would say it is a place that produces beautiful people.

The root word of compassion is from Latin meaning to suffer together. Together we live, together we eat, together we help. I help them to live in simple ways that they cannot do, and they teach me how to live in complicated ways that I am trying to understand and learn.

How to live, how to serve, how to be compassionate. Compassion. Love, the root of most all religions. Everyone is searching for love, and the core members allow us to love, and love deeply, if I learned nothing else but to love, than I have left successfully.


8 Jul


March 2006

I find that life is a dance, and right now I am dancing by myself and loving it.

Finding how to and how not to dance, finding new people to dance by, finding new ways of movement and when I dance with someone else I have to keep in mind their dance steps along with mine to make sure we are following the same steps.

Counting in my head, “ok, one two three, four, oh sorry, stepped on your toe, three, four, shoot, one, four, aaa.. let’s start over.” And I’m not ready to follow any one’s steps, and don’t desire anyone to follow along with mine.

I want to dance while enjoying the dance of mine and others. I am becoming that dancer who loves dancing by themselves, instead of always looking around for that person to dance with in order to enjoy their dance.

Eventually I will find someone to groove with, but we will groove independently of each other, not needing each other, not trying to control each other, bot depending on each others love. But enjoying immensely each others individual dance as we dance, and in this dance there is love. Everyone is trying to something for somebody who is trying to be something for somebody else. I don’t want to be a somebody or a something,

I just want to be. Become. Always becoming- Coming as a Being.


8 Jul


July 2006

However we all do this from time to time, and we all experience times when we have given or taken oxygen.

There are times when our flame becomes so shallow that we need other people’s oxygen for a while in order to survive. Just as long as that person does not become dependent on that oxygen- oxygen sharing is fine.

And along with keeping the flame burning- whether or not someone tries to blow out or enhance a flame- they must stay neutral to it- they must not rely on this as oxygen.

For once it is gone- how will their flame be able to burn? They will be constantly looking for other people to be their oxygen, sucking out oxygen from this flame or that flame, which is unhealthy for both fires.

By taking oxygen from another flame, that flame cannot burn as brightly because they are molding their flame to help another flame grow larger.


8 Jul


July 2006

Happiness is not based off of a situation, person or environment- it is based off of a state of being.

A state of optimistic reliance on oneself. A realization of overwhelming power of their own mind to create their life as they please.

When a person is in this state of happiness, this state of control, it does not matter where they are or who they are with or the situation that arises because these factors do not influence their happiness.

Instead of wasting their energy on finding happiness form the outside, they live passionately for themselves. Participating in grueling tasks or hard situations because they have the weapon of happiness. Or they live a hedonistic lifestyle because that is what they choose.

This state of being

This state of happiness

But what makes this state of happiness?

When a person lets go of all worry, all fears and is filled with the confidence in ones own ability. Letting go of the need of acceptance from others. Letting go of worries of failure. Realizing that in whatever situation, whatever people they are around, whatever environment they are in they hold the knowledge that they can control their reaction and the outcome of their life.

The only thing that is holding you back from becoming you is you! No one else!!

It is in the belief that I can overcome. Life is to be enjoyed.

This state of happiness is not based on an item but rather a collection of characteristics a person acquires and strengthens throughout their life.

1. A belief in oneself. When they have to encounter a troublesome obstacle or person or environment they have the belief in their self that they will overcome this trouble

2. Lack of need for other people– therefore letting go of fear of rejection and living their own life as they please for their own means, rather than the means of impressing others. They dance with their eyes closed to critical people, tuned into their own music and enjoying life?

3. Its in being thankful for every situation that arise, for the small joys in life. To be thankful is to be able to realize how much you have. Having that curiosity and joy for what has come and what is to come and thanking your lucky stars the whole way for what the higher being has given you.

4, You must treat yourself as a temple for not everything is gained merely by thoughts. As strong as the mind is. This means eating right- exercising- living hygienically. Taking care of the temple in which your mind rests.