The Life and Times of Monique Simkova

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 5.15.32 PM

Constantly Exploring. Spreader of Joy and Magic. Builder of Communities. Promoter of Alternative Ways of Living that Support Societies, the Environment, and Wellness.

Adventure is my middle name. Born in Canada, raised in the States, neither French or African-American, my name often confuses people. As a child I played in the woods, and wore white long gloves to The Spaghetti Factory.

I am always enrolling friends to start a commune. Currently in need of a friend who is a mechanic or a builder of bikes.

This blog started as a way to post entries I wrote about life while in my early twenties.

There are journal entries from years long past, conversations that happened while traveling, while staying up till the wee hours in a dorm room, while going to random parties, and laughing at the wild circumstances I got into.  Conversations about yearning to become, to love and to dare to explore the realms of possibilities.

The Happiness Collective is a scrap book  project I put together of all the things that made me happy. I hope they put a smile on your face as well. And possibly encourages you to create a scrap book of your own!

Mostly I am just trying to understand this wild and precious life of mine.


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