Power of Beliefs

21 Apr


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The majority of our lives are based off of the beliefs we have.

I have to thank Ruth Lera who inspired this thought: Our external world is merely a representation of our internal world. The external world impacts our internal world, and our internal world retracts to creates our external world. This dance that is played is one we can take ownership over. How we react, how we think, how we engage in our lives, where we direct our attention, becoming responsible for the imports and exports of our being.

For example, in April I sent in a resume and cover letter to an organization I was interested in working for. As time went by I saw the posting for an Assistant Manger position. Once I read through the position I thought, I can’t do that, I’m not going to apply for that job, I’m going to wait until the next position comes up.

But I emailed the Executive Director anyway to ask if she had received my resume, and if there were any interviews coming up. She said yes and that she wanted to bring me in for an interview. Long story short, I got the job! And it is one of those dream jobs where my passion connects to my work, and I have a good salary!

If I had stuck with my original belief, I would have never applied to the job and the following situation would have happened:

Belief: I can’t do that

Action: I won’t apply or put effort to move in that direction

Outcome: I didn’t get the position, and will continue looking for jobs where I believe I have the skills. Being unsatisfied with the position I get because I didn’t really try.

Can you see how our beliefs create our realities? We will only start to achieve what we believe is possible, and then sometimes life surprises us when the impossible happens. =) 

And of course, this doesn’t mean that once you believe you will achieve, but it does mean that once we start believing in our self worth, in the direction of our desires, we start moving in that direction and doors will open when the time is right. Intention, Intention, Intention. Allow yourself commitment, compassion, patience and joy for your journey. These will be great allies of yours.

Thus, start to notice your beliefs. Start to question them to see if they support the lifestyle you want.

Sometimes it is scary to challenge our beliefs because than we go into the realm of uncertainty, to realm of making possible mistakes. Explore your thoughts and continue to evolve as you find better beliefs to support your emerging realities. What beliefs supported you to getting to this point, might not be helping you to move into your next chapter.

We must thank them for what they have given us, and allow them to move on to create space for better possibilities. Also your belief system has been engrained over years of habits, so they might be difficult to undue, but TRUST you’ll never look back and think, “Man, I wish I stuck with those negative thought patterns, I’m so glad I never put effort into improving myself.” Imagine what freedom feels like, and recognize this is where your energy is directed towards. You can achieve this!

Our beliefs aren’t meant to harm us, often times they are there to keep us safe and secure, thus when challenging them we might feel a sense of lack of safety and security until we find a belief that supports a more whole, happy, and healthy us. We may be wondering– am I doing this right? Is this the right belief I should have? But time will tell.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself. Do I feel better about my situation? Am I proud of the life I am living? Am I moving towards a direction I am pleased with? Do I find myself enjoying life more? Am I able to open up and love more freely, to myself and others?  Am I choosing thoughts, actions, activities, friends, food, that nourish a happy, whole, and healthy me?

Beliefs impact so many different aspects of our lives, thus, get curious and creative with the questions you ask yourself, opening yourself up to a whole world of answers and solutions!  Explore what resonates with you, play in your imagination to see the realm of possibilities.

See if you can find a buddy, a support group, a community (an online community) anything to help you with this process. There are many out there who are feeling these same things, pursuing these same expeditions. You are never alone. Find the others, and connect to the beautiful support that only a community can give you. 

The changing of old unsupportive thoughts for new thoughts always takes effort, but it is one of the most important gifts we can give ourselves.

I relate this process to someone who eats McDonalds everyday. Explaining to this person, if they shifted their eating habits to things that are healthier, the rest of their life would be so much easier. But the person will complain, but that is so hard, it takes so much effort to buy groceries, to plan meals, to learn about healthy foods. That’s too hard for me, I am going to keep with McDonalds, it tastes good, it’s easy, and I know where all of the locations are.

Yes, it might take effort in the beginning to shift beliefs, but if you take baby steps towards a life you find more fulfillment in, it will become easier. It may be hard at the beginning to decide at the grocery store what to buy and what recipes to make, but soon this becomes second nature. It just takes time, commitment, compassion, joy and patience. 

Thus, allow the thought  “it’s too hard” to switch to–> I can do this! What small steps can I take to move in this direction? What direction do I want my habits, thoughts, and words to be? What small things could I do to make my life more enjoyable? If I believed I had thoughts that supported me, what would that look like? What beliefs aren’t serving me right now? What beliefs could I let go of in order to have space for more wholesome thoughts? Over time you will become instantly aware of thoughts that aren’t supportive and can become a master at reframing beliefs. Like a funky recycling center, old used up waste come in, and BEEP BEEP BOOP, you change them into shiny new pieces of art work. 

And by taking care of yourself, by exercising and eating healthy, it’s going to make the other things in your life easier– not harder– in the beginning– yes there will be more effort– but I can’t stress it enough- it will be worth it.

Now get out there, become in tune with yourself (yoga, running, qigong, meditation, journaling, voice memos), become curious about how you can practice supportive beliefs (journaling, mindfulness), find a supportive community, and feel the love and support that is all around us. 

I would love to hear your comments below about how you interact with your beliefs. Any articles or videos you have found helpful? Feel free to share!

Keep shining super stars so that your light may send sparks of joy into the world.

3 Responses to “Power of Beliefs”

  1. Aaron French April 22, 2015 at 9:53 am #

    Great article and insightful thoughts. I food agree that our inner world creates our outer world. We create our own reality.

    • mosmith49 April 22, 2015 at 3:19 pm #

      Glad you agree!

  2. Kathleen Sisson April 24, 2015 at 5:49 am #

    I especially like this “…Am I choosing thoughts, actions, activities, friends, food, that nourish a happy, whole, and healthy me?…”

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