The Time Satan Stole my Phone

21 Mar


One day, a friend of mine and I were sitting on steps to a building late at night. Enjoying the summer night air and talking about the never ending and always interesting subject of boys (or men in some cases).

As the night wore on, and all the supportive phrases of “You deserve so much better” and “Hunny, he doesn’t know how good he has it”  were articulated, we were looking forward to a comfortable sleep from a cycle of venting and cheerleading.

Upon my arrival home, I realized I didn’t have my phone on me. I searched around the house, using my friend’s phone to call mine, I played the electronic version of hide and seek. I backtracked my steps to where we were last, but came up empty handed.

I put in one last call and the person on the other end in a deep voice said “Esta schubdt diegmbhf” and hung up the phone. Which pretty much means it was Satan, because who else talks in a deep voice backwards.

You got me this time Satan, but next time, I am going to have a voice recorder ready.


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