With Eyes Squinted

11 Jul


July 2006

I recently discovered an answer to a question that baffled me for quite some time.

Now this is not a scientific conclusion,  but rather a moment of enlightenment. I always wondered why sharks ate their babies. Was it because they were accidentally made without the gene that allows compassion or a more simple answer, they were really hungry. Although after reasoning, neither of these are correct.

The reason why sharks eat their babies does not stem from hate but rather from love. Love that their babies will learn how to survive against a force greater than themselves.

It is a big ocean out there and sharks have to endure a lot to become the great and powerful animals that they are. Difficult obstacles are not hard so that a person will fail- difficult obstacles are there to make a person stronger.

As travelers, as people, we all encounter hardships, however, during these struggles remember that life is hard in order for you to become.

I wonder if when the vivacious shark comes thrashing towards the new born if it takes a second, squints, and thinks “bring it.”

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