In the Café Farm

11 Jul


July 2006

Today I worked in the café field with the men.

At first I followed this teenage girl carrying a bundle of café plants to the field, then after about thirty minutes of walking I was pared up with this one man, who is one of the head officers, my guess because he kept track of all the people working. Who did what, where and how much.

I was brought down to the café plants and planted about 20 plants. After that we headed off to two men planting a row of water plants on the side of a hill so that when it rains the water won’t rip out the café plants.

We talked and laughed and I felt joyous. I am feeling a lot better now and see people as friends rather than just another person. What was interesting is that while I was walking with the owner person, I realized my encounter with him had been solely about work and solemn. I then proceeded to fill myself with joy and curiosity towards him, there was a moment where he looked back and paused for a moment, only one slight moment, but in that time he felt my joy.

About two minutes later he offered me a banana, as a subconscious thank you for being joyful.

One of my favourite things to do while working is ask myself what do I get to think about today.

For the reasons that I have so many interesting things to think about, my face lightens up with a smile from a secret treasure I found. I thought about the future and how I always think about the future and how the future will come when it comes.

Why ruin the moments of now with the moments of later? Why miss the opportunities of the present? So instead I thought about the earth in my hands and how I wouldn’t like to plant trees all summer, I thought about who is the new president of Mexico and I asked one of the men I was working with if he knew and he looked at me in a way stating “Why does it matter?”

Why does it matter is the question we should all ask ourselves.

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