8 Jul


May 2006

“What I know is that everything comes in waves” Graham said. “Whatever goes up must come down and whatever is down is bound to go up.”

This thought rolled around in my head. Instead of being caught in the wave, look at it from a far and realize that it is really a broad straight line.

That this is our constant, this is our plateau and to be ok with that. But not ok in the complacent couch potato who is ok with riding life out on his bum.

But as the curious scientist, always experimenting with the machinery of the ride. In order to see where improvements can be made, a softer fall, a faster rise, in order to understand what works and what doesn’t.

I give up my title of being the expert, of being the best, I give that to all that is around me and they can have that reward. Instead I choose to frolic in the curiosity of my mind. Lifting every rock to see what is underneath, keeping my ears open to the lessons the birds sing, my heart open to the cleansing salty wind and my mind open to dwell in the possibilities. Now let the journey begin.

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