Rand and Kant

8 Jul


July 2006 (letter to a friend, sketched out in my journal first)

Rand believes in the Art of Selfishness that we must always act in our own self improvement and never change our ways to help another being. Because in doing so we are A.) providing a crutch that the weak will use, and will never become strong enough B.) Will not help ourselves to fulfill our greatest potential as human beings.

While Kant says that we must always act in accordance of helping one another, and that selfish acts are acts of sin, because it is against the Christian religion of service to your neighbor- he believes you do not have to like everyone you encounter, but must treat everyone as though you wish they treated you.

But with extremes, it is always good to have each one pull you the farthest they can in each direction so that you can find the center.

However to be truthful, I am saying these things about what others thing because of how you said I was well versed and I enjoyed getting that compliment. But I want to think more for myself and think about my own unique thoughts.

Stretching my ability to think rather than only thinking about the thoughts of other great minds. (The word think fills me- think- my bring ins tingling.) Even though I am continually finding out a thought I had turns out to be a thought of some former person. Collective Consciousness, what are you going to do?

And I believe if we both keep to the commitment of being open, honest, critical (pressing to keep thinking further) and without the need of each other’s oxygen, then this will be a very stimulating experience.

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