On Love and Happiness

8 Jul


November 2008

Interesting that the pursuit of happiness- the end result is that he made a lot of money in a successful career. Is that Happiness? Is that what our society teaches us to strive for? Maybe that’s why we are so depressed, antidepressant drugs in our water because we are striving for this thing called happiness in things that won’t make us happy.

When I think of the North American vie of happiness, I think of someone that is smiling all of the time, cheerful, doesn’t say negative things, always positive, staying on this single minded emotion of cheerfulness. And that if a person did not emulate this persona then they were some how wrong, to feel another emotion than cheerfulness. Thus, rejecting other emotions with in themselves so that they would not be looked down upon. Why is our culture not able to handle different ranges of emotions? Why is it that our culture strives towards this one state of cheerfulness?

What if our society thought that happiness was the person who was the most beautiful, than we would strive and strive to be skinny and dye our hair and put on makeup, doing everything we can on the outside to make people think the inside is fine. But when you open up the dragon fruit, you find it is devoid of taste and nutrition.

What if our society thought that happiness was in working, that the more work we did, the more money we had, the more recognition we got, the more things we purchased, the happier we would be.

What if our society thought that happiness was the amount of places that we travelled to, that we would travel the whole entire world, searching for experiences and knowledge and culture. The more we explored, the more knowledge we gained, the closer we would be to finding happiness.

What if our society thought that happiness came from a spiritual state. People would strive to become the most spiritual person, the most humble and giving and peaceful person possible, devoid of desires and wants, living calmly through mediation and peaceful surroundings, finding peace through avoiding life.

What if happiness was marriage or a career or a family or a house, or any other outside item that we could obtain. Than we could just obtain those things and be happy.

However, it is not the objects themselves that make us happy, but how we view these items that results in our happiness. The question we must ask ourselves is if these things satisfy our desires.

In the movie The Hours a character states, I woke up one morning feeling happy and I thought this is it, I have gotten to this state and from here on out I will be happy. But than I realized that it was just a moment, a piece, that in that time I felt the emotion of happiness, but it was just in that moment.

What if happiness was in moments of instances, of variety, that it could be found in all of the emotions. What if we stopped striving for this future emotional state and just accepted and loved the different emotions that came.

What if society thought that happiness came form love. That people would strive to love each other and themselves and find love in the things around them. I believe that this is the best state of mind. That is my mission to cultivate compassion.


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