L’Arche Compassion

8 Jul


April 2008

It is amazing how someone with no words can touch more people than I will ever know.

Sometimes people might ask why do we work so hard to keep someone disabled alive. I read an article once that said because the disable do not help to the production of things, do not produce anything valuable for the improvement of society that there is no reason for them to exist.

However, I do not believe this person ever spent a valuable amount of time with a disabled person, because if he did, he would realize that the amount of people a disabled person touches and therefore changing this person, produces so much more than any corporations, institution or university could produce.

We work so hard to keep them alive because like a servant to a king, they have many important things to do, many important people to change, many important lessons to teach, that without them the kingdom of L’Arche would not exist. The Arch would not be complete and many people would not be here.

Someone asked me once what is L’Arche and I said, if I could encompass the explanation of L’Arche in one sentence I would say it is a place that produces beautiful people.

The root word of compassion is from Latin meaning to suffer together. Together we live, together we eat, together we help. I help them to live in simple ways that they cannot do, and they teach me how to live in complicated ways that I am trying to understand and learn.

How to live, how to serve, how to be compassionate. Compassion. Love, the root of most all religions. Everyone is searching for love, and the core members allow us to love, and love deeply, if I learned nothing else but to love, than I have left successfully.

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