8 Jul


March 2006

I find that life is a dance, and right now I am dancing by myself and loving it.

Finding how to and how not to dance, finding new people to dance by, finding new ways of movement and when I dance with someone else I have to keep in mind their dance steps along with mine to make sure we are following the same steps.

Counting in my head, “ok, one two three, four, oh sorry, stepped on your toe, three, four, shoot, one, four, aaa.. let’s start over.” And I’m not ready to follow any one’s steps, and don’t desire anyone to follow along with mine.

I want to dance while enjoying the dance of mine and others. I am becoming that dancer who loves dancing by themselves, instead of always looking around for that person to dance with in order to enjoy their dance.

Eventually I will find someone to groove with, but we will groove independently of each other, not needing each other, not trying to control each other, bot depending on each others love. But enjoying immensely each others individual dance as we dance, and in this dance there is love. Everyone is trying to something for somebody who is trying to be something for somebody else. I don’t want to be a somebody or a something,

I just want to be. Become. Always becoming- Coming as a Being.


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